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To me, a new year feels like a brand new Moleskine, waiting for it’s pages to be filled. Although I’m usually hopeless at making or sticking to resolutions, in the back of my mind, I always have an increasingly shorter, ever more acquirable, list of personal and professional goals in the hopes I get a window of opportunity to give them priority at some point throughout the year.

Motherhood has been an ultimate lesson in selflessness. No longer can I have a grown up conversation for longer than a minute, nor can I click away feverishly for hours on end at my mac the moment I have a creative revelation, nor allow myself thoughtless, ‘je m’en fous’ days. Learning responsibility, boundaries, discipline, structure and accountability have been bitter sweet for my very career driven, egocentric self.

Yet putting my needs aside has made me understand that there is currently a bigger task for me at hand than accomplishing my own goals. That is, to raise a decent, kind, life loving human being who sees the world and sees only opportunity. A fearless adventurer, willing to take risks, willing to try and become the very best version of herself, despite who her small local community says she should or shouldn’t be. “Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else.”

I’m sure many mothers out there reading the above can relate, some of which remember themselves (in a very distant memory) being as such pre-motherhood. Yet we seem to have forgotten ourselves along the road (amidst meal times, dirty diapers, temper tantrums and scrubbing crayon off walls). For you, my wish this year is to regain that, because mummy empowerment is what drives the machine! I also wish this for our offspring; a world filled with movers and shakers... a caring, clever generation that will make a positive difference in their own creative way.

Happy 2015!

A x



Moodboard 02: Packaging - Clean, bold, minimal, uncomplicated, with touches of beauty in details, textures and structure.

1 Martino Group | 2 JD Doria Art | 3 Herriott Grace | 4 Amore + Follinge

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” Coco Chanel

A x


star of wonder

And so another year ends and a new chapter begins… Merry Christmas to you all! Onward and upward to a fabulous year ahead!

A x

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